Towns Evacuated as Storm Surge Threatens to Batter English Coast

London, Residents of a seaside village in eastern England are flouting police advice to evacuate their homes despite being told their properties could be flooded by up to 3 meters of sea water.
Mass evacuations are taking place on England’s east coast – mainly in Norfolk, Suffolk, Lincolnshire and Essex – after Britain’s Environment Agency issued flood risk warnings for Thursday and Friday, dpa reported.
Essex Police planned to move residents from Jaywick on Friday morning, but many are reluctant to leave their village empty as it may be “rich pickings” for thieves. Soldiers have been deployed to flood-risk regions to help with evacuations and stay on standby as a storm surge threatens to batter the English coast.
The Environment Agency has been putting up temporary sea defenses in at-risk coastal areas, and police have been warning locals to stay away from the sea.
Gale-force winds, snow and ice have already hit parts of England, Northern Ireland and Scotland in what the Met Office weather service warned would be a “real taste of winter.” The cross-channel Eurostar train, which links England with France and Belgium, cancelled two services on Friday morning due to adverse weather conditions.

Source: Qatar News Agency