London – British Prime Minister,Theresa May, has dismissed a series of hardline Brexit demands from Brussels.

On Saturday the EU’s 27 countries formally agreed guidelines for the Brexit talks. Their demands included Britain paying a “Brexit bill” of around ?50 billion before a future trade deal is discussed. Brussels leaders also indicated no early deal on EU citizens’ rights would be agreed unless the Prime Minister accepted that the European Court of Justice [ECJ] would decide disputes.

On the other hand, May insisted she was sticking to her own demands outlined in a speech earlier this year which included tariff-free trade, ending the jurisdiction of European courts and stopping free movement of migrants. When asked about mounting fears the UK could be “bullied by Brussels” she claimed that voters re-electing her was the best way to secure a good deal.

The EU’s demands have strengthened since Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council, first issued his draft guidelines on March 31, as member states added requests on financial liabilities and citizens’ rights. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency