The State of Qatar Calls on Fighting Parties in Libya to End Violence Immediately

The State of Qatar called Sunday on the parties in conflict in Libya for an immediate end to violence, and to work urgently on regaining calm in Libyan capital Tripoli and its surrounding areas.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement released today that the State of Qatar has been monitoring with great concern the rocket attacks and the escalating violence in Libyan capital Tripoli and its surroundings over the past few days. The statement also stressed that such military operations can only complicate matters further in Libya.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs renewed the State of Qatar’s support of UN missions who continue to try and resolve the situation. The State of Qatar also called on the parties involved not to obstruct the political process, and encouraged regional forces and the international community to push for peaceful dialogue and an end to the bloodshed in accordance to the Skhirat agreement, the national dialogue and the meetings that followed.

The statement also stressed that the Libyan people and the future generations were the ones paying the price of the current confrontations as they are deprived of their right to education and suitable services, adding that their wealth is being drained on conflicts that the wise in Libya can work out through dialogue and an immediate ceasefire.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs