Temple of Seti .. Egypt's oldest shrines

By Abdulaziz Faisal

(photo feature)

CAIRO, Jan 29 (KUNA) — The Temple of Seti, localted in South of Sohag Governorate, is one of the oldest shrines in Egypt and the world. It was built by Seti I, a Pharaoh from the 19th new kingdom dynasty that ruled from around 1290-1279 BC.
The temple houses the remains of some 76 Egyptian Pharaohs. The monument’s structure is held up high by 36 granite pillars and divided to seven halls used for worship, sacrifice, and other functions during ancient times.
The nearby city of Abydos is also considered one of the most attractive touristic locations in the country due a number of old relics and historical sites. (end) aff.rg.gta