Taliban Launch Attack on Afghanistan’s Kunduz City

Kabul, – The Taliban militants launched a coordinated attack on Kunduz city in northern Afghanistan to recapture its control a year after the control of the strategic city was briefly taken by the militants.

The provincial officials have said the attack was launched from different areas on the city late on Sunday night and sporadic clashes still continue in the outskirts of the city, Afghan News Agency (Khaama) reported.

An official in the provincial council confirmed the launch of the offensive by the Taliban and said the militants have managed to reach Se Saraka area of the city. The official further added that the militants have blocked some key routes to the other districts of Kunduz including the highway connecting to Aliabad district.

There are no reports regarding the casualties as a result of the coordinated attack so far. The Taliban militants have launched numerous attacks on Kunduz city since it was retaken by the Afghan Special Operations Forces earlier in the month of October.

The Taliban insurgents were accused of horrific criminal activities after they seized control of the city, including target killings, rape, kidnappings, use of civilians as shields, looting of public and private properties. The Independent Human Rights Commission of Afghanistan said at least 50 civilians were killed and over 350 others were wounded.

Source: Qatar News Agency