Strong Intension And Honoring Afghan Interests Can Restore Peace In Afghanistan: Commentary

Kabul-Any program, move, or action aiming national reconciliation or speeding up inter- Afghans dialogues and reflect the will of people, not only supports by the Afghan people and government but also strengthens.

BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes there rumors that during the last months, the representative of Afghan government and Taliban had held several meetings in Doha the capital city of Qatar, aiming restoring peace and national reconciliation in the country. In spite of that, Afghan and Taliban official sources have talked differently in that regard, but authentic sources have confirmed the meetings between the representatives of Afghan government and Taliban, that can be good news for Afghan people who have suffered heavy casualties and destruction during the last three decades. Therefore, they insist on restoring stability and strengthening peace in their country but the peace should demonstrate the national values and the will of people.

The people believe and precisely know that the authorities of their state in conducting such meetings considers safeguarding the national values and the achievements of the recent years as a main principle and act according to content of the constitution of the country. In spite of that, negotiations on peace and political affairs require political conscious and bravery, while in the past certain circles have tried; designing improper programs affect badly the process of peace negotiations.

The Afghan people prefer inter Afghan peace dialogues, but insist that conducting and course of such dialogues should be according the people’s will in order the outcomes reflect the long demands and wishes of Afghan decades war suffering people.

The news about peace talks between the representatives of Afghan government and Taliban leaked from media exactly in a time, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has repeatedly asked the powerful and influenced countries of the region and the world in Afghan issue to support the process of peace negotiations between the Afghan sides.

The people and Islamic Republic of Afghanistan seriously ask the countries that have influence on groups fighting against Afghan people and government to support and cooperate, Afghan elected government. In addition, the rebels who want to hold peace negotiations with Afghan government should desist from all conspiracies and not act according to aliens, because the experiences of the past have indicated that certain circles in the region especially the neighboring country have tried to have the Afghan process in their own control, which is not acceptable for Afghans.

The people raise the question who guarantees peace process. The answer is clear strong will and belief to peace and such a mutual will and belief and mutual understanding from conspiracies can lead to peace that guarantees Afghan interests.

Source: Bakhtar News Agency