Russian diplomat: Palestine question core of Mieast problems

Russian Ambassador to the European Union Vladimir Chizhov
Russian Ambassador to the European Union Vladimir Chizhov

BRUSSELS, Jan 27 (KUNA) — Russian Ambassador to the EU Vladimir Chizhov called on Wednesday for efforts to continue to resolve the numerous regional crises among them what he described as the “core of the Middle East problems,” the Palestine question.
“It is indispensable for security in the Middle East. It should not be forgotten or sidelined,” he said speaking on Russia’s role in the Middle East at an event organised by the think-tank European Policy Centre.
The long-serving Russian diplomat stressed that “the two-state solution must be kept afloat for the future of the Palestinians and Israelis.” He presented an historical perspective of Russia’s presence in the Middle East, saying this region as the cradle of religions and civilisations has been always a point of attraction for Russian visitors and pilgrims Turning to the Syrian conflict, Chizhov said Russia does not support a single entity or regime in Syria, adding that it is “naive to believe that if Bashar Assad disappears from the scene the Syrian conflict will be resolved”.
He said that Syrians should be left to decide the future of their country and dismissed reports that Russia was bombing civilian targets in Syria as western propaganda.
The Russian diplomat said the political process on Syria will start in the end of January and noted that to succeed both Iran and Saudi Arabia must remain committed to the peace process in Syria despite their tension.
He condemned the so-called Islamic State (IS) as “an enemy of mankind and it cannot be associated with Islam.” Chizhov said the current drop in oil price cannot be sustained and hoped that the oil price will stabilise this year. (end)