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The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for health professionals program at QU-HEALTH has organized an interactive webinar entitled: How are you coping with the ‘New Normal’? On Monday, October 19.
The seminar aimed to identify the major pressures and emotions associated with facing these unprecedented times in light of a global pandemic. Perhaps nothing more than healthcare professionals who continue to dedicate themselves to caring for their communities during COVID-19. And its prevailing discussion in local health professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic; And to explore evidence-based strategies that can aid in energy management.
Clinicians are facing important emotional stressors during the COVID-19 pandemic, including grief from seeing so many patients suffer, fears of contracting the virus and infecting their family members, and anger over systems failures. For some, these stressors have caused or exacerbated burnout, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Therefore, there is a strong consensus that immediate and continued action is needed to strengthen the emotional health of clinicians.
To contribute to these efforts, QU-HEALTH provided this free interactive CPD webinar that aimed to recognize and discuss the significant stressors and associated emotions prevalent in local health professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic; and explore evidence based strategies that can help in managing energy.
Dr. Suhad Daher-Nashif Assistant professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences in the College of Medicine, QU Health, Qatar University, co-presenter in the session explained that, “During these times, many people have been offered flexible working arrangements, however, medical workers still had to do their jobs and it takes a toll on a person to be there and face this pandemic and then still go home and figure out what their new normal is and take care of their own family”. She said that, “being able to manage the significant stressors by being aware to them enables developing coping strategies that are essential in maintaining a healthy mental well-being.”
Ms Taysier El-Gaili Health Counselling Psychologist at Qatar University, commented that “As the reports of COVID-19 cases begin to ebb, what’s left is emotional trauma and stress. Recovering from the mental toll of the pandemic is going to take time and a collective effort, and it should start by helping those who have been on the frontlines: medical workers.”
Dr Zachariah Nazar, QU-H CPD coordinator explained that, “as a community we need to work together by sharing our experiences and skills; and come to our healing. I think we are all just adjusting and trying to manage the best we can; its efforts such as these CPD opportunities that can equip individuals with valuable tools to help ease some of the emotional burden.”
This QU-Health CPD event was specifically designed in response to the challenges identified in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. The event is one of numerous efforts that are being offered to healthcare professionals to support the development and well-being of healthcare workers and the subsequent care they provide to their patients.