Qatar’s Development an Inspiration to Jordan, Speaker of the Parliament Says

Amman, Jordan’s Speaker of the House of Representatives Atef Tarawneh praised today’s Qatar’s development as an inspiring model regionally and internationally.

He added that Jordan was following Qatar’s example in many of the policies it has undertaken. He also praised Qatar’s wisdom and clear vision in managing regional and international issues.

Speaking to Qatar News Agency (QNA), Tarawneh highlighted the strong ties that Qatar and Jordan enjoy. He added that the two countries were keen on bolstering their bilateral interests.

On the terrorist attack that Jordan was subjected to, he stressed that Jordan was united around the army and security apparatus in their confrontation of terrorist groups. He added that Jordanian citizens were fully aware and committed to maintaining security and stability in their country.

On the economy, Tarawneh said that supplying energy remains the top priority for the country. He said that addressing this issue will lower the unemployment rate, contribute to developing local communities, increase exports and enhance competitiveness. He maintained that despite the stability that Jordan enjoys, the economic policies are yet to build on that.

Source: Qatar News Agency