Qatar’s Candidate for UNESCO Meets Senior Dominican Officials

Santo Domingo, HE Dr. Hamad bin Abdulaziz Al-Kuwari, adviser at the Emiri Diwan and Qatar’s candidate for the director general post at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural (UNESCO) has met with a number of senior officials in the Dominican Republic as part of his current tour of the Caribbean and the South American continent countries.
HE Qatar’s candidate for the UNESCO met with Leonel Fernandez, former president of the Dominican Republic, President of the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development.
During the meeting, they reviewed the Qatari candidate programme, which he seeks to implement including giving priority for vulnerable to developing countries and assist them in their development efforts , as well as the role of UNESCO in this domain.
HE Dr. Al Kuwari stressed that he seeks through his programme and new goals to innovative look to achieve the noble objectives of the organization.
For his part, the former president of the Dominican Republic welcomed the vision of the Qatari candidate that is based on equality among nations, and affirmed the support of the Caribbean countries to HE Dr. Al Kuawri for his practical and academic experience and expressed hope for future cooperation.
HE Dr. Hamad bin Abdulaziz Al Kuwari, also met with the Foreign Minister of Affairs of the Dominican Republic Miguel Vargas , who welcomed the Qatari candidate, stressing the depth of relations between the two countries , saying that he is impressed with Qatar’s position. He looks forward to developing bilateral relations in investment, trade and culture fields, praising the Qatari candidate program for the advancement of UNESCO, and wished him success.
For his part, HE Dr. Al Kuwari expressed his thanks to the Government of the Dominican Republic for its interest in his visit and the opportunity to meet with officials to talk to them in details about his vision and the place of the Caribbean and Latin America in this vision.
HE Dr. Al Kuwari also met with Dominican Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology Alejandrina German . During the meeting, HE Dr. Al Kuwari reviewed the goals of his candidacy and vision for the future of the UNESCO in order to play its role in the international community, highlighting its role in scientific development and stimulation of innovation initiatives.
For her part, the Dominican Minister of Higher Education Dominican underscored the Ministry’s interest in the implementation of scientific programmes that contribute to raising the level of education in the country, which is considered one of the challenges the government faces in its development.
She also expressed support for HE Dr. Al Kuwari reform programme and his innovative vision for the functions and role of UNESCO especially in Latin America and the Caribbean countries. She praised the experience of the State of Qatar in the field of education and hope to achieve a joint cooperation in this aspect. She wished the Qatari candidate success in his quest.
HE Dr. Al Kuwari also met with Minister of Culture of the Dominican Republic Pedro Farags .
The meeting dealt with the cultural relations between the State of Qatar and the Dominican and the importance of developing and establishing cultural cooperation between the two countries through cultural weeks in both countries.
HE Dr. Al Kuwari highlighted Qatar’s interest in culture, pointing to the Cultural Village Foundation, as a meeting place for cultures of the world, and touched on the cultural diplomacy and its role in the international relations. He stressed the need to preserve the heritage and its maintenance and UNESCO’s vital role in this matter, explaining in detail his vision of the topic .
For his part , the Dominican Culture Minister expressed his appreciation of the Qatari candidate and wished him success and looks forward to working with him in the future.
HE Dr. Al Kuwari also met with Dominican Deputy Minister of Education for Development and Planning Eng. Victor Sanchez.
During the meeting, HE Dr. Al Kuwari underlined the importance of basic education in achieving the countries’ development and the organization and objectives in this regard and his programme’s support for the educational projects in the vulnerable to developing countries..
For his part, the Dominican Deputy Minister of Education reviewed some projects and schemes carried out by the ministry within the framework of improving the level of education. He wished the Qatari candidate success for his distinguished program for the advancement of UNESCO.
The meetings were attended by HE Qatar’s Ambassador to the Dominican Republic Khamis Buti Al Suhooti.

Source: Qatar News Agency