Qatar’s Ambassador to Bulgaria: Qatar is First Country in Region to Implement Minimum Wage


HE Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the Republic of Bulgaria Rashid bin Ali Al Khater said that Qatar is the first state in the region to implement a non-discriminatory minimum wage as part of a series of historic reforms to the country’s labor law.

In an interview with the “24 Hours” newspaper, HE said that the minimum wage applies to all workers of all nationalities and in all sectors, including domestic workers.

His Excellency the Ambassador indicated that in addition to the minimum basic monthly salary of QR 1000, the law stipulates that employers must pay allowances of at least QR 300 and QR 500 for food and housing respectively, if they do not provide workers with these directly.

He underlined that more than 400,000 workers will benefit directly from the new law, as this increase in wages will also improve the lives of a large number of family members in the workers’ countries of origin who rely on the remittances sent every month.

He pointed out that to ensure compliance with the minimum wage, the government is enhancing detection of violations, enacting swifter penalties and further strengthening the capacity of labor inspectors.

HE Ambassador Al Khater said that the minimum wage law was adopted following a comprehensive analysis carried out by the State of Qatar, in consultation with national and international experts, workers and employers from different sectors of the economy.


Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs