Qatar Ranks the Safest Country in the World

The state of Qatar has retained its global distinction according to the 2019 global security indicators by winning the first place in the world in terms of security and safety among 118 countries and the first in Arab country, according to the latest annual report of 2019 crime index issued by ‘Numbeo’, the world’s largest world database.

Qatar’s outstanding record during the period is considered as an extension of its achievements in the past years, specifically during the period 2015-2018, where it maintained the number one position in the Arab world, as well as achieving the first place globally in 2017 and 2019, surpassing many of the major and developed countries worldwide and the region. It also reflects the constant and outstanding level of security and safety enjoyed by the country, and the significant decrease in the rates of crimes.

According to the classification rules of the report, countries are ranked in the reverse order – the country that occupies the 118th place has the lowest crime rate and ranks first in terms of security. Qatar scored a total of 13.26 points in the crime index, being the lowest score of points starting from zero to hundred, so the lower the crime rate, the lower the number of points. The higher the score, the higher the crime rate.

According to this classification Qatar came first among the safest countries with a score of 86.74 points in the safety index during the current year.

Source: Government of Qatar