DOHA, – Qatar Charity (QC) said, 35 trucks carrying food, have entered inside Syria through the Syrian-Turkish border, to help the displaced families and families affected by the war in several provinces of Syria.

In a press release on Saturday, QC said, it begun in collaboration with a number of associations, to distribute 30,000 food baskets to the needy in northern Syria areas, in the provinces of Aleppo, Hama, Idlib and Latakia.

The distribution of food baskets inside Syria comes, within the campaign launched by Qatar Charity in Ramadan, which gave special priority to the people who are exposed to war and natural disasters, said QC Director, Relief Management, Mohammed Rashid Al Kaabi, stressing that Syria gained a large share of this campaign.

Al Kaabi thanked the people of Qatar and the benefactors, who have generously supported this humanitarian campaign for the relief of the Syrian people, who need urgent basic living requirements, calling upon benefactors to make more donation, during the Holy Month of Ramadan, to feed a lot of families in areas exposed to shelling and destruction.

Earlier, Qatar Charity had distributed food baskets in Aleppo, as part of a project, aimed at distributing 5,000 food baskets, to alleviate the suffering of the families and the displaced in Aleppo during the Holy Month of Ramadan .

This project comes within a food supply project carried out by QC, after the recent events in Aleppo.

More than 25,000 displaced Syrians have benefited from the QR 1 million (USD 275,000) project.

Source: Name News Network