Qatar: Continuing Violations against Palestinians Reflect Israel’s Intentions to Thwart International Peace Efforts

Human Rights

The State of Qatar affirmed that the insistence of Israel, the occupying power, on continuing attacks, violations and crimes against the brotherly Palestinian people reflects its true intentions to thwart all international efforts aimed at achieving peace and security, as well as its endeavor to undermine the two-state solution.

This came in the State of Qatar’s statement delivered by HE Permanent Representative of the State of Qatar to the United Nations Office in Geneva Ali Khalfan Al Mansouri, during the public debate on the updated statement of the High Commissioner for Human Rights held at the United Nations Human Rights Council.

HE the Permanent Representative welcomed the issuance of the database on business enterprises involved in illegal activities relating to Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, calling on the Office of the High Commissioner to conduct an annual update of the database and refer it to the Human Rights Council.

After 1,000 days have elapsed since the blockade and the coercive measures imposed by the blockading countries on the State of Qatar, His Excellency wondered about the measures taken by the Office of the High Commissioner to follow up the report prepared by the technical mission of the Office, which visited Doha in November 2019 to determine the impact of the Gulf crisis on human rights, noting that this report included a detailed description of the numerous human rights violations that affected Qatari citizens as a result of these coercive measures, which are still ongoing until now, adding new patterns of violations emerged that were not mentioned in the report of the technical mission, which requires effective measures to be taken to end them and hold those responsible accountable.

Regarding the situation in Syria, His Excellency strongly condemned the continued military operations carried out by the regime and its allies in northwestern Syria and the city of Idlib, and targeting housing and civilian facilities, which caused the displacement of nearly one million people, most of them children and women.

His Excellency said that the grave violations and crimes that Syrian people have been exposed to for more than nine years cannot continue and be exacerbated by the inability of the international community to assume its legal and moral responsibilities, especially since the Syrian regime and its allies are exploiting this deficit and consider it a green light to continue the violations and disrupt the constitutional process.

With regard to the situation in Libya, His Excellency stated that the continuation of military operations launched by armed militias against Tripoli and targeting the internationally recognized government of reconciliation cause grave violations and increases the human suffering of the Libyan people and contributes to aborting the national dialogue and diplomatic efforts aimed at reaching a political solution to the crisis.

His Excellency affirmed the commitment of the State of Qatar to continue to cooperate with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and support the efforts of the Office of the High Commissioner to carry out the functions and mandate of the Office in promoting and protecting human rights throughout the world.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs