Qatar Congratulates France on Its Candidate’s Winning UNESCO Director General Post

The State of Qatar has extended congratulations to the French Republic on the French candidate Audrey Azoulay’s winning the post of Director-General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement today.

The statement added that HE Dr. Hamad bin Abdulaziz Al-Kuwari, the candidate of the State of Qatar, ran the electoral process with all honor and integrity and took the lead in the first four rounds of elections. He received 28 votes in the last round, two votes short of the French candidate. This reflects Qatar’s good reputation and international standing as well as its distinguished relations with its regional and international surroundings.

The statement also expressed Qatar’s gratitude for all the friendly countries that supported the Qatari candidate and Qatar’s respect for the choices of other countries.

The statement praised the electoral process throughout the five rounds of fairness and transparency despite the desperate attempts of some countries to exercise their usual behavior in the political blackmail of the Member States. The State of Qatar has also conducted the electoral process in all its stages with all honor and honesty, committed to all its rules and presented a civilized and honorable image in the honest competition, and did not slip into the polemics made by some officials in one of the competing countries, which was keen to see that Qatari candidate loses rather than its candidate wins.

The statement expressed Qatar’s rejection and condemnation of the statements made by the officials of that country, which included baseless allegations directed against the State of Qatar as these statements lacked honesty and the spirit of honest competition, and that such statements are nothing but desperate attempts to hide the failure and other reasons known for all.

The statement affirmed that the State of Qatar will continue to support UNESCO in the next stage in order to promote it to realize its lofty mission to humanity.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs