Doha, – The State of Qatar celebrates the eighth GCC Oral Health promotion week during the period from 25 to 31 March under the theme “Teeth, health and beauty” to educate the community about the health problems associated with oral and dental diseases and encourage its members to adopt positive behavior for oral and dental care.

According to press release on the Ministry website, the GCC oral health promotion week have been held for seven consecutive years with different themes (Your health in your smile in the first year and teeth health and beauty in the second year and balance your diet to enjoy your mouth health by the third year until the adoption of the theme of teeth health and beauty in the fourth year and for a period of 5 years as a unified theme) in collaboration with Ministry of Defense , Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Hamad Medical Corporation, Primary Health Care Corporation, Aspetar Sports Medicine Hospital, Shafallah Special Needs Center, Qatar University and College of North Atlantic giving a huge support for oral and dental health initiatives in the country.

The Ministry of Public Health organizes many activities and events on this occasion in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Ministry of the Interior, primary health care Corporation and College of North Atlantic- Qatar.

Students at preparatory, elementary and secondary schools will attend the celebrations and visit 16 healthcare centers for dental examinations and presentations on oral care. The primary health care dental staff will be visiting the healthy promoting schools to provide lectures on oral health, and to teach the students on the best way for oral home care.

The Department of Medical Services at the Ministry of the Interior organizes an awareness day for dental clinics, and College of North Atlantic-Qatar organizes an educational day on oral health for college students.

It is noteworthy that the results of the first national oral health survey conducted by The Ministry of Public Health in 2011and published in 2013 in collaboration with the World Health Organization showed that nearly 72% of school students aged 6 years and 54% of school students aged 12 years and 55% Of school students aged 15 years having dental cares among a sample of school students surveyed by 3248 students representing 316 public and private schools.

This led the decision makers to form a national committee On April 1st 2015 comprising all relevant parties to develop a national Oral Health strategy for State of Qatar.

The National Oral Health Strategy Committee is to implement the second National Oral Health Survey.

The celebration of the eighth GCC oral health week is part of the Gulf Cooperation Council’s plan for oral health promotion in the GCC countries, which includes a unified Gulf week in all GCC countries at the same time to promote oral health and to address the problem of the spread of dental cares especially and oral diseases in general. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency