Qatar and France Emphasize Joint Action to Combat Terrorism and Its Financing


The State of Qatar and the French Republic stressed today the importance of joint action to combat terrorism and its financing as part of the efforts exerted by the international community in that regard.

In a joint press conference with his French counterpart HE Jean-Yves Le Drian, HE Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani said that the common goal of the international community is to combat terrorism and fight its financing, pointing out that the actions taken by the siege countries against the States of Qatar disrupt these efforts.

His Excellency stressed that the fight against terrorism requires collective action, not the exercise of political and intellectual terrorism, in reference to the actions of siege countries against the State of Qatar.

HE the Foreign Minister said that the visit of the French Minister of Foreign Affairs to the State of Qatar comes at an important time for the State of Qatar, that reflects the strength of the bilateral relations between the two friendly countries in various fields such as security, energy, economy and other important sectors.

HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani said that the Qatari and French sides reviewed during the discussions the bilateral relations and their enhancement, and stressed the importance of working to develop them further in the future.

His Excellency said that the two sides also reviewed the latest measures and conditions that the State of Qatar is going through, especially the measures taken by the siege countries, which affect international treaties and the rules of international law.

The Foreign Minister affirmed that the State of Qatar welcomes the efforts of the French Republic in supporting Kuwaiti mediation within the framework of the Gulf crisis and finding a solution based on the sovereignty of states and international law.

HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani also stressed that the State of Qatar looks forward to working with the French Republic and all partners to tackle the phenomenon of terrorism, and also looks forward to the French role to support Kuwaiti mediation.

HE the French Republic’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian described his country’s ties with the State of Qatar as strong and advanced, entailing great cooperation in many fields such as defense and economy as well as culture.

His Excellency said in the press conference that his talks in Doha focused on the GCC crisis. He expressed France’s alarm at the deterioration of ties between GCC members as a result of the crisis. He added that France was in contact regarding the matter with all parties involved, stressing the importance of reaching a resolution to it.

HE the Minister of Foreign Affairs noted that HE the French President held many telephone conversations with HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani since the beginning of the GCC crisis to discuss it. HE the Minister of Foreign Affairs added that they in France hope HH the Emir will pay a visit to Paris in the near term.

HE the French Minister of Foreign Affairs said that his country is working hard on maintaining a dialogue with all parties. His Excellency expressed France’s appreciation to the Kuwaiti mediation efforts to resolve the crisis. He also said that France commends the efforts of U.S. Secretary of State who visited the region last week and proposed a road map and a foundation for agreement, which were suitable efforts to Paris he added.

HE Le Drian stressed the importance of taking measures that will help all members of the GCC crisis regain trust in order to ease the tensions and find a resolution to the crisis, which is harming the interests of all GCC member countries.

He said that he sensed, during his talks in Doha, the willingness of the State of Qatar to hold constructive talks with its neighbors so long as it doesn’t infringe on Qatar’s national sovereignty, which was what HH the Emir stressed. The French Minister of Foreign Affairs called on finding a resolution to the crisis as soon as possible, and lifting all the measures that affected joint families and civilians.

He stressed during the press conference on the importance of cooperating in countering terrorist groups, particularly those designated by the United Nations. He described that effort as a great challenge and a threat that all must face and work hard in the war against terror.

He praised in that regard the State of Qatar’s commitment towards that, and the commitment of both countries to enhance cooperation in counter-terrorism field and countering terrorism finance in the future more than at any time in the past.

He concluded his remarks by saying that his talks in Doha dealt with many subjects and focused on the GCC crisis. He described the later as the focal point of the meetings in his GCC tour. He added that he is sending a message that calls for dialogue and resolving the crisis for all parties involved.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs