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Qatar Airways hosted an open recruitment day for Qatari nationals, at the Recruitment Centre, at Qatar Airways Tower 2, as part of its ever-expanding Al Darb Qatarisation programme.

As part of the open day, students and graduates were given the chance to meet with employees and explore the many different employment pathways available at Qatar Airways, including National scholarship, cadet pilot, and aircraft maintenance engineering programmes.

Now in its sixth year, the Al Darb Qatarisation programme presents young nationals with local and international career opportunities, through eight different programmes and 35 different majors across the airline’s various departments.

Qatar Airways Senior Vice-President, Human Resources, Nabeela Fakhri, said, We are aligned with Qatar’s National Vision and therefore sourcing, developing and nurturing young national talent remain high on the agenda at Qatar Airways. The Al Darb initiative invites Qataris to join our award-winning team and use their talent and skills to support the rapid expansion of the national carrier of the State of Qatar. The aim is to empower these young students to succeed in a chosen career path with Qatar Airways by providing them access to knowledge, skills development, and valuable experience.

Currently, the programme features 35 majors and eight programmes including the Summer Internship Programme, the National Scholarship Programme, the Cadet Pilot Programme, the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Programme, the Graduate Development Programme, the Airport Operations Programme, the Aviation Management Programme, and the Jossor (Arabic for bridges) Programme. It is a tremendous project that brings benefits and opportunities at a variety of different levels and across various aviation-related fields

Source: NAM News Network