PHCC Launches COVID-19 Vaccination Hotline

Human Services

The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) launched yesterday the “Nar’aakom” mobile application, in both English and Arabic, which will allow individuals to comprehensively manage all issues related to health care, such as accessing the schedule of upcoming appointments and applying for a health card online and other digital services available in its 27 health centers.

Also, during a press conference held yesterday at its headquarters in the presence of Dr Mariam Alabdulmalik, PHCC Managing Director, a hotline dedicated to the “COVID-19” vaccine was launched at: (40277077) to enable the elderly category of 65 and over to cancel, book or change the pre-booked vaccination dates, which will be available currently from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm for priority groups of the elderly at this stage.

Dr. Mariam Alabdulmalik said that the application includes many services, such as accessing the upcoming appointment schedule and applying for a health card online, explaining that the PHCC and with the launch of the “Nar’aakom” application made it easier for individuals to access the digital services available in its 27 health centers, by facilitating access to healthcare services via smart phones.


Source: Government of Qatar