Peace In Afghanistan Key To Rescue Pakistan From Isolation

Kabul -The Taliban delegates in Qatar office have traveled to Pakistan to consult with Taliban leaders residing in Pakistan on possible peace talks with the Afghan government.

The delegation including Mavlavi Shahbuddin Delawar, Mavlavi Jan Mohammad Madani and Mullah Abdul Salam who have left Duha for Islamabad. Confirming the arrival of Taliban delegation to Islamabad, the Afghan ambassador to Islamabad Hazrat Omar Zakhylwal said, other Taliban authorities have also come to Islamabad but details of their talks have not been released. He told the media that Taliban are not autonomous and can’t proceed peace talks without consultation of Pakistan. He criticized the Pakistani authorities that they have not informed the Afghan government on arrival and talks of Taliban delegation. Political commentators said that this delegation has gone to Islamabad according to order of Pakistan government and Pakistan wants to show that she has upper hand in Afghan stability. Pakistan wants to tell the world that she is fighting Taliban and acts as an anti-terrorists country. The NUG should be very careful in peace talks with Taliban and involvement of Pakistan so Pakistan could not use its double game again. Because Pakistan has not released that peace in Afghanistan is the key to Pakistan release of isolation.

It is believed that Pakistan has started another game. She wants to improve its relations with Afghanistan and force it to tell that without Pakistan cooperation and involvement in peace talks, Afghanistan would not achieve security and stability. But, Pakistan should act honestly, because all Taliban leaders are living in Pakistan and over two thousands military madrassa who are producing Taliban insurgents are in Pakistan. Students in these schools receive military training instead of Islamic teaching and export terrorists to Afghanistan and rest of the region. The Pakistani authorities have not managed so far to take steps against these schools and actually didn’t want to prevent terrorism. Because she gains privileges under this pretext. She claims that spends aids against terrorism but in fact support terrorism. Pakistan should know that Afghans and the world people would no longer be deceived of Pakistan policy. If this time, she again uses her double game, she would be included the UN black list as a terror supporter country. The world countries now believe that war on terror is not alone the business of Afghanistan but it’s a universal duty. Pakistan should know that Afghanistan is not alone in this war but regional, global coordination is taking shape against terrorists.

Before the travel of Taliban delegation to Islamabad, a senior Afghan delegation led by CE Abdullah visited Saudi Arabia. The Saudi authorities said they would cooperate to attend Taliban to peace talks table. Saudi Arabia has full influence on Pakistan to force Taliban to peace talks table. Taliban are supported and funded through Saudi Arabia and Gulf states secret services. If they stop these assistance, Taliban would not be able to continue war in Afghanistan.

Source: Bakhtar News Agency