Past comes back to life in Ottoman cellars in Lebanon

Photo feature by Wassim Haidar CHOUF, Mount Lebanon, March 12 (KUNA) — The Lebanese countryside is copious with signs and memories of the good old days when life was much smoother, and people closer to nature, contrary to the accelerating changes of modern days.
What is really worse is that such few wonderful remnants of the past are facing the threat of dying away, prompting individuals and societies to try save the heritage.
This has been achieved through galleries and museums displaying images of old peasants’ simple life, with fields, gardens and humble stone houses.
In Al-Jahliah village in the mountainous Chouf region, Mount Lebanon, visual artist Ghani Abu Diab turned three old Ottoman cellars, that date back to more than 400 years ago, to a museum he named “Cave of Arts,” displaying objects depicting traditional farming, old household tools, paintings and plates, mosaic art sculptures. (end) wsm.msa