Parliamentary Human Rights Committee rejects European MPs’ inaccurate stances, Al-Jazeera’s hostile campaigns


Manama, May 1 (BNA): The Human Rights Committee at the Council of Representatives has affirmed that the statements made by some European parliamentarians on the conditions of inmates at the Reformation and Rehabilitation Centre are inaccurate, as they are based on news provided by some parties that have always been systematically targeting the kingdom through false and misleading information.

The committee called on European lawmakers to contact the Council of Representatives in Bahrain to seek information and verify the news they receive before issuing subjective and offensive statements that undermine the kingdom’s efforts in the fields of human rights and taking care of inmates, noting that making statements based on information from unofficial parties contravenes parliamentary norms and contributes to spreading rumours and fallacies, as well as causing psychological harm to inmates and their families.

The panel also expressed its categorical rejection of the continuous hostile and incitement campaign launched by the Qatari Al-Jazeera channel against Bahrain for the aim of igniting sedition and promoting the hatred discourse, in collaboration and coordination with some media parties and those pretending to defend human rights, but are really involved in terrorist acts.

The committee said that its members had paid a field visit to the Reformation and Rehabilitation Centre and found that a high-level health care is provided to all inmates, and that the COVID-19 vaccines have been provided free of charge for all registered inmates.

The panel added that there are no active COVID-19 cases at the centre, and that the Interior Ministry has put in place an integrated health protocol and measures to deal with any positive cases in the future.

The committee affirmed that many human rights institutions in the kingdom organise announced and unannounced visits to ensure that inmates receive services stated in the Reformation and Rehabilitation Organisations Law and its rules.

The panel asserted that while it regrets the stances made by some European parliamentarians, it renews its call to them to contact it in order to answer their queries. It also invited them to visit the kingdom to enhance the work of parliamentary friendship committees.

The Human Rights Committee at the Representatives Council also said that while it is joining the International Community in celebrating the World Press Freedom Day on May 3, it denounces the continuous professional violations and breaches made by the Qatari Al-Jazeera channel, in coordination with suspicious parties in order to serve the agendas of its owners and sponsors who are known for their hostile stances against Bahrain.

The panel indicated that is currently preparing a human rights lawsuit against the Al-Jazeera channel for its hostile campaigns full of hatred and incitement, stressing that the kingdom will continue its efforts to support and protect human rights, paying no heed to the channel’s abusive conduct and criminal acts.

Source: Bahrain News Agency