OIC urges Security Council safeguard Palestinians under occupation

The acting charge d'affaires of the Kuwaiti mission in the UN Counsellor Abdulaziz Saoud Al-Jarallah addresses UNSC on behalf of the OIC member States
The acting charge d’affaires of the Kuwaiti mission in the UN Counsellor Abdulaziz Saoud Al-Jarallah addresses UNSC on behalf of the OIC member States

NEW YORK, Jan 26 (KUNA) — The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on Tuesday called on the Security Council to shoulder its responsibilities as to securing international protection for the Palestinian people under occupation and compelling Israel cease its ongoing aggression on them.
The OIC also urged the Council to coerce Tel Aviv halt its illegal settlement activities, rescind its policies of judaization and racism in the occupied Jerusalem.
This stand was expressed in a statement, addressed by the acting charge d’affaires of the Kuwaiti mission in the UN, Counsellor Abdulaziz Saoud Al-Jarallah, on behalf of the OIC member States, during the Council open debates on the Middle East, including the Palestinian cause.
Counsellor Al-Jarallah affirmed the significant session was held against backdrop of continuing “crimes and field executions carried out by the occupation Israeli forces and groups of radical settlers without any political, legal or moral deterrence.” He called for turning attention to “racist measures in Jerusalem aimed at altering its geographic and demographic status, eliminating its Arab identity and historic and religious status,” also accusing Tel Aviv of plotting to isolate it from “its Palestinian surrounding, in addition to the recurring attacks on Christian and Islamic sanctities, namely the Holy Mosque and Al-Aqsa Mosque.” These Israeli measures blatantly breach international laws and resolutions of the international legitimacy, said Counsellor Al-Jarallah on behalf of the 57-state organization. They will feed extremism, violence and racism and inflame “a religious strife thus posing hazards to international peace and security.” Stressing “different international action is required,” Counsellor Al-Jarallah stated, “it is insensible that Israel remains occupation power acting like a state above the law and committing violations and crimes without fearing any retribution.” Resolving this crisis warrants political will on part of the Security Council for sake of realizing the aspired two States’ settlement, and this should be attained through adoption of a resolution aimed at boosting the international efforts to end the Israeli occupation, according to a timetable, and in line with the consensual and relevant UN resolutions.
Such an approach is necessary, he explained, for enforcing security and stability in the region, as well for achieving just, comprehensive and sustainable peace, where the Palestinian people can attain their uncompromising national rights for determining their destiny and establishing the independent State with the June 4th (1967) borders — with the holy Jerusalem as its capital.
Al-Jarallah, moreover, called for holding an international conference, with participation of influential powers, to resume the Middle East peace process according to the principles upon which it had been launched.
Citing concrete examples of the Palestinians heavy sacrifices and losses under the occupation, Al-Jarallah said more than 160 Palestinians, more than two thirds of whom women and children, have been martyred since early October. More than 7,000 others have been wounded with rubber and live ammunition, he said, adding that thousands of Palestinians are also languishing in the Israeli prisons in “hard conditions that contradict simplest human rights, in violation of international laws and charters.” (end) mao.rk