OIC Secretary General Welcomes the Lifting of US Sanctions Against Sudan

Jeddah, The Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Dr Yousef Ahmed Al Othaimeen expressed his satisfaction with the decision made by the US President Barak Obama, as announced by the American Administration, to lift some of the economic sanctions imposed on the Republic of Sudan since 1997.
The Secretary General noted that this decision represents an important step towards the normalization of relations between the two countries and a contribution towards the achievement of peace, security and stability and economic development in Sudan whose people have endured so much as a result of the sanctions.
The Secretary General said in a statement that OIC consistently called on the American Administration, through many of its resolutions, at the level of both the Summit and Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) Conferences, to lift all the sanctions imposed on Sudan. It adopted in this respect a joint initiative together with the African Union and the Arab League by way of which the American Administration was approached to lift the said sanctions without delay.
Al Othaimeen commended the efforts put in by the OIC Member States that contributed to the fulfillment of this achievement, foremost of which the Gulf States. The Secretary General invited the two parties to continue their dialogue with a view to achieve the aspired results and laid stress on the need to have the name of Sudan removed from the American list of terrorist sponsoring countries in view of Sudan’s ongoing commendable efforts in this respect.

Source: Qatar News Agency