No privileges for UK after Brexit: Kern

VIENNA, June 28 (KUNA) — Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern stressed that the UK must not be given any privileges after its decision to leave the EU.
The EU needs to make a clear statement that any country leaving the union will face some serious consequences and it is not some sort of game, Kern was quoted by Austria Press Agency as saying on Tuesday.
The EU must take a stance and immediately start the legal measures for the UK’s exit, said Kern, calling on Europe to determine the type of relations to maintain with the UK in the future.
The Chancellor also affirmed the need to focus on vital issues facing the EU currently, including the immigration crisis, security, economic growth, employment, investment facilitations and environment protection.
Kern is taking part in the EU summit meeting today to discuss the Brexit aftermath, with the participation of British Prime Minister David Cameron. The EU leaders will hold another meeting on Wednesday without Cameron to discuss the same topic.(end)