MOTC Organizes Introductory Conference on 7th National Cyber Drill

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC), yesterday, organized an introductory conference on the 7th National Cyber Drill (Star 7) that will be launched early December under the title Protecting National Information Assets: Know Your Opponents.

In the opening speech that was attended by over 500 people from different sectors in the country, Khalid Al Hashimi, Assistant Undersecretary for Cyber Security Affairs at MOTC, said that the national cyber drill witnesses great development annually, either in terms of the number of attendees and participants or the nature of cyber drill. Since the launch of the first cyber drill in 2013, a cyber mechanism has been developed, and the number of participants has increased from 20 entities to nearly 95 entities and institutions at present, Al Hashimi pointed out.

He then clarified that amid the continuous and accelerating development in the technology sector, we are working to provide the necessary means to address the risks resulting from such development. Al Hashimi further affirmed that Qatar achieved qualitative leaps in cyber drills as a result of the skilled and highly qualified national competencies.

Source: Government of Qatar