MOTC Launches Government Cloud, Media Analytics Services

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) has launched the Government Cloud Service in association with MEEZA Company, and the Media Analytics Service, adding both of them to a list of shared services MOTC provides to government entities within the framework of Qatar Digital Government 2020.

The first is a government cloud based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). It utilizes dedicated government network and focuses on delivering the service over a private and highly secure environment for government entities. This helps those entities to reduce cost on connectivity as well as improve agility. Through the cloud self-service portal, IT administrators can create virtual servers in minutes in conjunction with MOTC to be compliant with global systems and standards.

The Media Analytics Service allows government entities to monitor, follow and analyze what is being published about them on social media and traditional electronic media, thus helping them monitor information and relevant published topics, follow up their indicators, measure public opinion, interact with them and identify potential crises for action. It will also help them in the preparation of the necessary reports in this regard easily and through dashboards provided by MOTC to service subscribers.

On this occasion, Mr. Hassan Jassim Al Sayed, MOTC Assistant Undersecretary of Government Information Technology Sector, said: We are glad to launch these two new services as part of MOTC’s plans for achieving the strategic objectives of the Qatar Digital Government 2020 Strategy, which emphasizes the importance of raising the efficiency of government administrative processes while minimizing their operational and capital expenditures by benefiting from the public resources of the State.

Source: Government of Qatar