MoI Telecom Department honoured by Airbus in CCW conference

The Telecommunications Department of the Ministry of Interior was honoured by Airbus during the Critical Communication World (CCW) conference held in Hong Kong from 16-18 May 2017, for its successful collaboration with AIRBUS to create a new product that connects the TETRA and LTE networks in the field of security, which is the first of its kind in the world. This was realized as a result of great efforts by the engineers of the Telecom Department Qatar.

Brigadier Ali Salim Al Henzab, director of the Telecom Department said that the Ministry of Interior was always keen to be at the forefront of the latest communication systems in its service sector. He pointed out that the Ministry of Interior of Qatar has started work with TETRA system since 2006, with the start of Asian Games in the country. The Telecom Department has been working constantly to keep pace with the global development in the field of telecommunications, which resulted in the introduction of new systems with the first, second and third generations of GSM whereas it reached now the fourth generation, which is called the LTE system.

The TETRA system is a security system that works with high efficiency and relied by Security agencies. But the entry of the (LTE) provided security services some of the newer features than the TETRA system, as the (LTE) provided the possibility of video and data transmission as well as voice transmission.

He added that the Ministry of the Interior Qatar was one of the first countries in the world – the third country – to introduce the LTE system in its security work. Having the use of two networks of communication, Tetra and LTE, the security men in the various security services had to use two devices at the same time. Meanwhile, the Telecommunications Department started to search for developing a new invention that will serve the two telecommunications services in one. The telecom engineers from the Qatari cadres introduced the idea of integrating the Tetra and LTE systems into one network with AIRBUS, the producers of TETRA system. The idea was to create a new product that enables the user to obtain both features of the two systems through a single device, thus achieving more advantages that serve the security work in general. The new system will provide voice, image and data services simultaneously and at high speeds.

The engineers at AIRBUS International conducted study on it that led to the creation of a new product. It is a single system that uses the TETRA and LTE networks jointly. It was developed through the active partnership between the company and the Telecommunications Department at the Ministry of Interior. The Ministry of the Interior had sent a number of Qatari engineers to work with the engineers of AIRBUS. In a joint effort that lasted for nearly a year, AIRBUS succeeded in developing the new product called AGNET. He pointed out that the development of the system includes the upgrade of the LTE system to follow the international standards for security networks to comprise the field of PPDR and Mission Critical Services. After the adoption of AGNET by telecommunications organizations, in the nearest future, it will be linked to the global standards for security networks.

He added that Qatar Ministry of Interior was the first country in the world to use the new AGNET system, which integrates the two systems between Tetra and LTE. The cooperation between the company and the Telecommunications Department was to establish the link between the two networks without causing any change in the existing infrastructure of the Department.

With this advanced step, the Department of Telecommunications at the Ministry of Interior is no longer merely a user of some of the global communications systems, but a partner in the process of innovation and production of these systems, which demonstrates the ability of Qatari skills to compete globally in the field of communications.

Source: Ministry of Interior