MoCS Sets Standards for Participation in Sports Day Activities

The Ministry of Culture and Sports (MoCS), urged all entities participating in the Qatar Sports Day to commit to the standards and regulations issued by the Amiri Decision No. 80 of 2011 and to raise awareness about the importance of playing sports for all ages during the Sports Day which will fall on February 12 this year.

The ministry affirmed in a statement yesterday, that the events must focus on awareness programs and avoid performances. It should focus on activities that will promote exercising as a daily healthy behavior. It also said that the events must promote awareness among participants of the importance of sport and its role in the lives of individuals and communities. The proposed sporting events should be suited for the age group and health conditions of the participants, in terms of intensity and duration, in order to avoid physical stress and injury.

The MoCS also called for avoiding constructing temporary sports tents or buildings for the day, taking into account the requirements of security and safety during the organization of the events, and urged to use sports facilities, parks and public places. The entities must also commit to offering healthy food and avoid fast food. They should also refrain from distributing gifts to the public.

Source: Government of Qatar