MOCI Announces Ban on Car Washing Activities in Outdoor Parking Lots of Malls


The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) has announced a ban on car washing activities in public and private lots, including outdoor parking lots in malls and on commercial streets.

MOCI also clarified that car washing shall be limited to licensed companies, and be performed solely in underground parking lots (the basement) of commercial and consumer malls, with the approval of the entity to which the site belongs, and provided that suitable spaces are designated for the activity in terms of the number of parking spaces. In addition, the general and special requirements as per the laws and regulations must be adhered to, and they include:

  • Allocating suitable places for car washing activities that contain drainage points.
  • Ensuring that employees wear clean and decent uniforms, on which the name of the company and the worker is indicated.
  • Maintaining general cleanliness.
  • Abstaining from following and bothering customers.
  • Ensuring the provision of and the use of clean tools when washing cars.
  • Adhering to all precautionary measures established to fight against the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).


Source: Government of Qatar