MME Announces One-Week Deadline for Engineering Offices to Correct their Statuses

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME), represented by the Building Permits Complex has held its periodic meeting with the engineering consulting offices in the State to discuss the Building Requirements Guide in Qatar-2020. The guide has been launched recently. Moreover, the meeting discussed the updates that are underway in the electronic building permit system.

Engineer Mr. Saad AbdulalKarim Al Qahtani, Director of the Building Permits Complex Department at MME, provided a detailed explanation of the recent updates on the procedures in force in the building permits system. In addition, the updates underway were discussed and perspectives of the engineering consulting offices regarding these improvements and scheduled dates for their implementation were taken into consideration.

At the end of the meeting, MME Building Permits Complex Department Director stressed the necessity of completing late construction requests and providing all the engineering consulting offices a one-week deadline to correct their statuses.


Source: Government of Qatar