MADLSA Urges the Public to Complete Services Electronically


The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA) has urged the public to complete many services, affiliated to the companies Recruitment Department at the Ministry through “Amerni” application, whereby it is possible to benefit from the services of details of labor approvals, extending the length of stay for workers, inquiring about request for an extension of the residence permit, as well as following up on requests for the recruitment of workers.

The Recruitment Department is concerned with studying requests for the recruitment of workers from abroad, granting licenses to bring workers from abroad on behalf of others, settling disputes that arise between recruitment offices and employers, referring them to the judiciary if they cannot be settled amicably, and issuing, renewing and canceling work licenses.

The public can benefit from 40 electronic services provided to them through “Amerni” application, and the Ministry’s virtual platforms, such as work permit services, profession amendment request, digital authentication of the work contract, registration of work site data for the facility and more.


Source: Government of Qatar