Mada Center Grants Digital Access Accreditation to Six Government Entities

Ms. Maha Al Mansouri, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the Assistive Technology Center (Mada), said that the Center is working with all government entities to enhance the ease of using all technology tools for persons with disabilities, pointing out that Mada Center has granted Digital Access Accreditation to six government entities, and is currently working with a number of other government entities to grant them the same accreditation, so that all entities will be able to facilitate the access for persons with disabilities to the e-services of those entities.

Al Mansouri added: The objective of this effective corporation between Mada Center and all entities in the country is to emphasize that persons with disabilities are an integral part of the society and have great potentials and abilities to contribute and serve their country. We at Mada Center firmly believe in the need of providing a comprehensive and integrated society that provides equal opportunities for all, and protects persons with disabilities’ rights.

Source: Government of Qatar