Lingering thoughts about President Gul

Lingering thoughts about President GulHe was definitely a decent president, but he sometimes shocked us with his placidity in the face of significant developments. He was definitely a better fit than [former President] Ahmet Necdet SezerIt is not to say that the government and the prime minister were a good fit with Gul, but rather that Gul did what he could to comply with them He ratified every single law that was presented to him, including those that clearly violated the Constitution.

He even remained silent after Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan challenged him, saying, “I am the one who rules the country.” He did not respond to ErdoIan’s domineering attitude in any way.

When ErdoIan interrupted the speech of Turkish Bar Association head [Metin FeyzioIlu] at an event and stormed out of the hall, Gul obediently followed ErdoIan, drawing severe criticism The Gul on social media sounded like a different person from the Gul in ankaya [presidential palace]. He was pro-freedom in his tweets, but he did not hesitate to approve government-drafted laws curbing rights and freedoms.


SOURCE: Today’s Zaman