Libya's production of oil exceeds 550 thousand bpd.

Libya’s production of oil exceeds 550 thousand bpd.Friday , 14-10-2016 – 18:23:00

Tripoli, 14.10.2016 – Lana – National oil corporation chairman ‘Mustafa Suna’a-Allah’ , yesterday , said that the current Libya’s oil production had reached 551 thousand barrels per day. Its noteworthy , that Libya is working on increasing its oil production and exportation , since the opening of the three main ports , which are Sidra , Ras-Lanoof and Zwitina. Sidra and Ras-Lanoof ports were closed in December 2014 , while Zwitina port was closed in 2015. And before opening these ports , the Libya production of oil was about 200 – 300 thousand barrels per day , compared to 1.6 million barrels per day in the past. =Lana=