Lebanon President Stresses Importance of Relations with Qatar

Beirut, President of Lebanon General Michel Aoun said that Qatar’s support for his country has contributed to building the Lebanese State, praising the relations between the two countries.

Aoun added, during an interview with LCI, the French TV news channel, responding to a question about his visit to Saudi Arabia and Qatar, that the visit aimed to restoring Lebanon’s natural relations with Qatar and Saudi Arabia. “We are working on returning relations to their previous status, and we should work with confidence,” he said.

Aoun explained that this is Lebanon’s last opportunity for rebuilding a strong country through building the state institutions.

“We should have a strong, ready and vigilant security force to defend the national sovereignty,” General Aoun underscored, adding that the army should be strengthened.

On the Syrian refugees issue, Aoun sad that Lebanon cannot receive displaced Syrians for an indefinite period in its territories, adding that it hosted them for humanitarian reasons, and they should return to their country.

Source: Qatar News Agency