Lebanese President’s Visit to Qatar of Great Importance, Ambassador Najem Says

Doha, Lebanon’s Ambassador in Qatar Hassan Qassim Najem said that the visit of President of the Lebanese Republic General Emad Aoun to the State of Qatar was exceptionally important since his election came after long months of Lebanon being without a head of state.
Speaking to Qatar News Agency (QNA), the Ambassador said that visits made by different Lebanese presidents to Qatar in the past usually lead to an elevation in bilateral relations. He added that the Lebanese president would always accept an invitation from HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, who was the first to offer congratulations on electing the new president in Lebanon. Such a gesture reflected the strength of bilateral ties, the Ambassador added.
Najem said that the election of a new president breathed new life into Lebanese politics, something which would ultimately reflect well on the country’s ties with Arab countries in his opinion. He acknowledged that those ties suffered from increasing tensions lately due to the recent developments in the region.
The Ambassador expressed his hope that the latest visit will be another shining example of the strong ties with Qatar. He stressed that this particular relationship was never affected by the grave events that hit the Arab world in recent years.
He said that Lebanon is keen on increasing the level of cooperation with Qatar in a way that reflects the potential of both countries, whether economically or politically. He added that people in Lebanon would love to see Qatari citizens fill every part of Lebanon, with no caveats. Likewise they would like to use their energy in contributing to the renaissance of a modern Qatar, the ambassador said.
Najem in his interview with Qatar News Agency was full of praise for the Qatari people and government’s stand during the war of 2006 in Lebanon. He highlighted the fact that Qatar welcomed all Lebanese running away from the hell of war as an example of the support provided. He added that the sight of HH the Father Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani pledging to rebuild the southern Lebanese cities destroyed in the war was engraved in the memory of all Lebanese. Another unforgettable moment was when Qatar hosted Lebanese leaders in 2008 and helped them reach the Doha agreement which put an end to the political crisis and domestic tensions in Lebanon. Qatar also played a positive role in releasing the kidnapped Lebanese soldiers, the ambassador added. These historic moments, the ambassador says, makes him hopeful of the prospect of a positive Qatari role in supporting Lebanon and strengthening the ties between the two peoples.
Najem added that the Lebanese president’s visit will help lay out the foundation for the coming period in terms of revitalizing and developing bilateral ties in a way that suits the ambition of the people. In concluding his remarks to QNA, he said that the return to life of Lebanese politics will guarantee a suitable environment for ties stronger than ever not just with Qatar, but with the GCC as a whole. He also expressed his hope that Lebanon can return as a tourist destinations to the people of Qatar and the GCC after the visit.

Source: Qatar News Agency