“Law Week” educates students on implementing law on ground – KU

KUWAIT, March 14 (KUNA) — The annual Law Week is an opportunity for law students at Kuwait University (KU) to be acquainted with ways and methods of implementing laws, they are studying, on the ground, an academic administrator said Monday.
The College of Law at KU is keen on breaking from traditional learning norms through hosting various cultural and entertaining activities, Professor Jamal Al-Nakkas, Dean of College of Law at KU, said in a press statement Monday following the opening of the annual Law Week exhibition.
The event, scheduled to last until March 16th, aims at educating students on legal issues, and teaching them about ways and methods of implementing the law on the ground at the Interior Ministry and the Kuwait Institute for Judicial and Legal Studies (KIJS), Al-Nakkas added.
There are several bodies authorized to implement the law and follow the legal action in Kuwait such as the interior ministry, KIJS, and the legal administration at the Parliament, he noted, adding that each one of these bodies contributes in raising awareness among students and providing them with the correct directions at working sites.
The event will include a short play on a law that has been issued recently, he said, adding that the play would be an effective way to accelerate students’ understanding of law subjects, Al-Nakkas said.
For his part, Ibrahim Al-Kanderi, lab specialist at the Interior Ministry, indicated that the ministry’s participation in the exhibition is to raise awareness among college students on ways to implement laws at crime scenes. (end) mrf.abd.ma