Labour shadow cabinet leader resists pressures to step down

LONDON, June 26 (KUNA) — Leader of the British Labour shadow cabinet Jeremy Cobryn refused to step down after 12 members of his cabinet quit earlier Sunday in the wake of Britain’s vote to leave the EU.
In a press release amid the deepening crisis of the opposition party, Cobryn said he cannot betray the confidence placed in him by hundreds of thousands of Labour members who elected him last year.
He regretted the string of resignations from the shadow cabinet but said that anybody who wants to lead the Party have to stand for democratic elections that will be contested by him.
Cobryn revealed that he will reshuffle the cabinet within the coming 24 hours.
He called on all Britons to unite again in order to mend the rift resulting from the Brexit.
The 12 quitters believe that Cobryn’s leadership of the Labour showed the party too weak to convince the voters of their Remain campaign.
The Brexit resulted in a similar crisis in the Tory Party where its leader and Prime Minister David Cameron decided on Friday, one day after the polls, to step down by October. (pickup previous)