Kuwaiti women int'l participation boosts their status, role – official

By Mohammad Al-Otaibi

NEW YORK, March 22 (KUNA) — Chairperson of Kuwait Cabinet’s Committee on Women’s Affairs Sheikha Latifa Alآ­Fahad Alآ­Sabah stressed importance of boosting Kuwaiti women participation to contribute to implementing development plans thus serving community.
Sheikha Latifa made her remarks to KUNA Tuesday on the sidelines of the 60th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW60), where she heads the Kuwaiti delegation to the event.
“Giving Kuwaiti women their full rights and reinforcing their status in the society boost their national role in sustainable development and decision making,” she said.
The Kuwaiti government has come a long way in empowering women and eliminate gender discrimination in the country, Sheikha Latifa said, noting that Kuwaiti women have always been proactive in perusing education and employment as they still aspire for more gains and achievements.
Kuwait’s earning the first rank in promoting gender equality among Arab countries, according to the World Economic Forum, boosts women’s status in the country and motivates them to achieve quicker steps toward attaining advanced international ranks, she said.
Sheikha Latifa expressed her hope that the Kuwaiti political leadership provides women in the country with more initiatives and opportunities, especially since Kuwaiti women proved their competency in various vital positions.
Setting May 16th as Kuwaiti Woman Day confirms the government’s conviction of women’ role importance in the society, and keenness on investing women’s skills and potentials in pushing the development march in the country, she said.
Kuwaiti women’s presence at international events is important in bolstering their contribution to women issues, in addition to benefiting from the experiences and expertise of other countries around the world in the women empowerment field, she added.
The Kuwaiti delegation at this annual gathering was able to highlight the country’s bright and civilized side through showcasing the Kuwaiti government’s efforts in boosting women status and role, Sheikha Latifa said.
She called the international community to consolidate all efforts toward finding urgent solutions to stop the violence, torture, and displacement that women face in the Occupied Palestinian lands and other Arab countries in the region that undergoes political turmoil such as Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Libya. (end) mao.ma