Kuwaiti MP: Globalization shouldn't influence people's cultures

LUSAKA, Zambia, March 21 (KUNA) — A Kuwaiti member of parliament said on Monday it is necessary to fend off any influence by globalization on cultural particularities of different nations.
Speaking at a debate of the International Parliamentary Union (IPU) committee on sustainable development, Khalil Abdullah said the committee had discussed a draft resolution on permanent protection for cultural, material and non-material heritage, together with several other issues that seriously affect sustainable development and economy.
The Kuwaiti parliamentarian listed such main issues as conflicts, wars, growing terrorism and climate change worldwide.
However, he emphasized that there are other reasons that could destroy cultural heritage, chiefly globalization that has much influence on cultural particularities.
Abdullah underlined that resolutions bearing on globalization and global economic integration should envision effective safeguards that could protect and maintain people’s cultures and civilizations.
Abdullah is a member of the Kuwaiti delegation, headed by National Assembly Speaker and Chairman of the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union Marzouq Al-Ghanim, to the 134th meeting of the IPU and meetings of the standing committees of International Peace and Security, Sustainable Development, Finance and Trade, Democracy and Human Rights and UN Affairs.
The delegation also includes MPs Awda Al-Rowaie, Humoud Al-Hamdan, Faisal Al-Shaye, Hamdan Al-Azmi , and National Assembly Secretary General Allam Al-Kandari. (Pick up previous) fs.mt