Kuwait to host eighth GIS conference March 28

KUWAIT, March 23 (KUNA) — Kuwait’s eighth geographical information system (GIS) conference will kick off on March 28, and will last for two days, the country’s GIS users announced on Wednesday.
In a press statement, head of the conference’s media committee Dr. Anwar Al-Harby said that the conference would showcase how instrumental geography is to build an adept and safe society, while also displaying the latest GIS features.
A multitude of GIS professionals and experts will convene in the country for the conference, Al-Harby noted.
Scheduled for the conference are more than 20 lectures aimed at familiarizing the international community with the perks of the GIS system, Al-Harby said.
Moreover, the conference would also serve as a platform for which to exchange GIS data and expertise, he added.
Amongst the issues to be discussed at the conference is the use of the GIS system to provide government services, as well as internet use to facilitate work in various government bodies, the head of the conference’s media committee said.
Results of a recently held juvenile arts contest will be announced during the conference, Al-Harby noted, adding that the contest featured more than 253 participants from schools nationwide.
A slew of local and international companies, in addition to numerous government bodies will partake in the conference, he said. (end) tab.nam