Kuwait pioneer in aiding Syrian refugees — Ki-moon

GENEVA, March 30 (KUNA) — UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon hailed Kuwait’s efforts to provide financial support for Syrian refugees, in cooperation with Germany and the UK.
In a speech at the UN’s first conference for the resettlement of Syrian refugees held in Geneva on Wednesday, Ki-moon noted that Syria-neighboring countries are facing difficulties in receiving the rising numbers of refugees. All countries must cooperate to face the growing needs of Syrians living in severe conditions, he added.
The UN chief also said that the international organization is exerting huge efforts to provide the Syrian refugees with decent living conditions and grant them proper education to achieve their dreams of a bright future.
The recent donors conference for Syria held in London last February came with an important decision to provide refugee-hosting countries with funds to enable them to meet the needs of refugees, he said. The conference also stressed on resettling Syrians in other countries away from those neighboring Syria.
Meanwhile, Ki-moon noted that countries have pledged to provide 187,000 resettlement opportunity, hoping the number would increase to receive 480,000 Syrian refugees (ten percent) currently living in Syria-neighboring countries.(end) ta.ag