King of Bahrain : GCC Proactive Regional Edifice for Establishing Security, Peace

Manama, – King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa of the Kingdom of Bahrain said that the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) became an important platform seeking to enhance regional and international security and stability through active political initiatives of the regional conflicts and prevention of foreign interference in its internal affairs.

In his speech before the GCC Supreme Council’s 37th Session, Bahrain’s King added that the Gulf Summit comes in unprecedented political and economic events facing the whole world, Which requires the highest levels of cooperation and integration among the GCC states.

He hailed the landmark strides of the council, which is not just a tool to consolidate achievements, as it gained leverage and morphed into a regional milestone that takes the initiative to maintain security and peace in the region and the world.

He highlighted the GCC pivotal and active role in seeking political solutions and initiatives to the crises facing countries in the region and staving off foreign interference in their internal affairs. The King of Bahrain commended the GCC member states’ dedicated efforts to achieve economic development, hailing landmark strides, which contribute to citizens’ prosperity and well-being and strengthen joint march.

He saluted the establishment of the economic development commission which, he said, serves as a viable mechanism to bolster member states and turn them into a global economic actor, on the basis of productivity, competiveness and steady growth towards enhancing the level of sustainable development.

He hailed projects, initiatives and economic agreements sealed between member countries, citing particularly the GCC Common Market, the power and water grid as well as the planned customs union, modern telecommunications and transportation network towards comprehensive integration which features on the summit priorities.

While describing security and development as being interrelated, he urged the GCC countries to upgrade and activate defence and security pacts so as to confront threats and the scourge of terrorism and protect Gulf nations and peoples and preserve achievements.

The Bahraini King hailed the Arab Security 1, which was held in Bahrain last month, and described the drill as an essential quantum leap towards strengthening security cooperation commending the efficient organisations and the alertness to security dangers surrounding the GCC countries.

He saluted the success of the GCC member states in confronting the chaos resulting from extremism and terrorism and preserving their development, progress and prosperity, which inspired many other countries that aspire to stability and peace.

The King of Bahrain commended GCC Secretary-General Dr. Adbullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani, assistants and General-Secretariat staff to consolidate the standing of the council, follow-up the implementation of resolutions and upgrade its performance.

Source: Qatar News Agency