Khatib: Wide circle of understandings helping to resolve issues

Minister of Environment, Tarek Khatib, said on Tuesday that a wide circle of understandings is swiftly helping to resolve existing quandaries, including the trash file.

“The Environment Ministry’s portfolio is a huge responsibility. Cooperation and agreements are the sole means to alleviate the burden of this portfolio,” the Minister told Orient radio station, pointing to a tangible will towards cabinet productivity to resolve standing issues.

Touching on President Michel Aoun’s visit to Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the Minister said that it aimed at reactivating Arab-Lebanese relations in a way that benefits the interests of both sides.

As for tomorrow’s cabinet session, Khatib made clear that endorsing the government’s 2017 budget was the cabinet’s top priority. He also hoped that the House of Parliament would approve a modern electoral law that ensures proper representation.

Source: National News Agency