Kanaan after bloc’s meeting: Aoun’s visit to Kingdom reassured Lebanese

“Change and Reform” bloc convened on Thursday its weekly meeting at Rabyeh and tackled the latest developments in Lebanon as well as the visit of President Michel Aoun to Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Deputy Ibrahim Kanaan said that the bloc evaluated President Michel Aoun’s visit to Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

“The visit has contributed in a direct way to bolstering ties between Lebanon and both countries as well as enhancing the potential of cooperation at all levels, which will reflect positively on the economic, commercial, industrial and tourism ties,” Kanaan stressed.

He added that President Aoun’s visit “has reassured the Lebanese people in the Gulf and in Lebanon”.

On the other hand, the bloc pointed to the importance of the president’s decision to open an extraordinary session to allow parliament to complete the legislative work, especially the approval of a new electoral law and the budget.

Kanaan said that the bloc rebuffed to hold the parliamentary polls based on 1960 law or the extension of the parliament’s term.

Source: National News Agency