Kabu hosts a forum themed 'Amazigh view of political situation in Libya'.

Kabu hosts a forum themed ‘Amazigh view of political situation in Libya’.Monday , 08-08-2016 – 21:24:00

Kabu, 08.08.2016(Lana) The participants in the economic forum held in Kabu city, Jebel Nufusa for Amazigh areas for the development of economic resources and stimulate an economic activity. The participants in the forum underlined that they are not party to the current conflict over power expressing fears over the repercussions of the conflict. They also agreed to support the Amazigh High Council in Libya, being the sole legitimate of the Amazigh in Libya. They also reaffirmed boycotting of political projects and bodies in which the Amazigjh did not take part. The forum stressed the need to unify the political and information discourse and support the available media outlets and local radio to unify ranks and accomplish the set goals. Several mayors and members of the wise men councils and civil society representatives in Amazigh area as well as President and members of the High Amazigh Council attended the forum. The forum focused on the study of the political, economic, and security issues in Amazigh areas in the light of the current situation experienced by the country. =Lana=