Jordan national football team advances to 82nd place in FIFA ranking

The Jordanian national football team has climbed to 82nd place in the world, according to the latest international rankings released by the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) on Thursday. The Falcons went up from 84th to 82nd in the latest rankings. In terms of Arab countries’ football rankings, the Moroccan national team is currently in the lead, holding the 13th position. Following them are the Tunisia national team at 32, Algeria at 33, Egypt at 35, Saudi Arabia at 57, Qatar at 61, Iraq at 68, the UAE at 69, Oman at 72, Jordan at 82, Bahrain at 83, Syria at 92, and Palestine at 96. Argentina came at the top of the world ranking, followed by France, Brazil, England, and Belgium.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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