Germany, France and Russia Hold Tough Talks on Syria

Berlin, – Germany hosted a trilateral summit with Russia and France in Berlin Wednesday night to discuss the Syrian conflict.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel held tough talks with French President Francois Hollande and Russian President Vladimir Putin, but no breakthrough was made on the Syrian conflict.

The talks had been quite hard and “very clear,” Merkel said early Thursday after hours of meetings. The current ceasefire was to form the basis for further humanitarian aid for the people of Aleppo, Merkel added. She and Putin had agreed that their foreign ministers should continue to work on a solution to the Syrian conflict. However a solution was very far off, she said.

In a reference to bombing in Aleppo, Merkel said it would be difficult to keep terrorists and ordinary residents apart. Russia has argued that bombing in the Syrian city targets terrorists.

Hollande in turn called what is happening in Aleppo “a real war crime”, calling for “maximum” pressure to be exerted on Russia. Before the talks in Berlin, Putin had offered to extend the current ceasefire in Aleppo to allow aid to get through to civilians there.

At a separate press conference after the Berlin meeting, Putin called on stepped up US efforts to separate what he called terrorists and more moderate opponents of the Syrian government.

Source: Qatar News Agency