“Experienced leadership” needed to protect US from Brexit impact – Clinton

WASHINGTON, June 26 (KUNA) — The presumptive Democratic nominee for the White House, Hillary Clinton, said Sunday that “steady, experienced leadership is important” when global markets are in turmoil, as is the case following this week’s Brexit vote.
Clinton made the comment that appeared to be a direct jab at her Republican rival, Donald Trump, at a meeting of the US Conference of Mayors in Indiana.
“We are resilient, and we will bounce back from this and all the other shocks that are in the system,” she said, adding that US businesses must be protected from the volatility.
“It is a reminder that what happens around the world has consequences that can hit home quickly and affect our lives and livelihoods,” she affirmed.
New poll results from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal show Clinton now leads Trump 46 to 41 percent, widening her lead by five points since May. (end) ys.gb